Lip Smackin Barbecue Recipes

These are some of our favorite barbecue recipes for grilling and smoking your favorite foods. Check out recipes from grill manufacturers like Big Green Egg, Napoleon Grills, and Green Mountain Grills. We will also post recipes from locals, and even an award-winning bbq competitor from time to time. Don’t just sit there and read! That noise you hear is your belly rumbling, now get up and get your grill on!

Help Me Get My Grill On
lip smackin barbecue recipes

We Have All The Accessories You Need To Get The Most From Your Grill

Every pitmaster has their secrets, but they had to start somewhere. Our goal is to get you a leg up on the competition, even if it’s just your neighbor. At Martin Sales & Service we have all the accessories, spices, rubs, wood chips, pellets and charcoal to keep you going. And, don’t forget, we love grilling and barbecue as much as you do. Let us know, how these recipes turn out and what you would like to see in the future.