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Energy Efficient Fuels

Not all fuels are equal, even if they are classified as the same. This is especially true when it comes to naturally sourced fuels. There are efficiency differences such as the amount of BTU’s emitted, length of burn time, and the amount of smoke or soot. Just as you can make a less efficient stove heat better by using a quality fuel, you can also make an efficient stove produce less heat with cheap fuel. The Ideal situation is an efficient stove burning quality fuel.

What Makes Our Fuel Efficient?

The short answer is, we are just as picky in choosing the fuels we sell as we are with our stoves, fireplaces, or any other product we carry. Our mission is to bring our customers the best value, not the cheapest product.

Wood Pellet Fuel

We sell only high-quality hardwood pellets that will maximize the output of your stove. Wood pellets are environmentally friendly, highly compressed sawdust pellets with no additives that are a renewable energy source. We only sell the brands we trust and use in our showroom on our stoves that produce less than 1% ash content. Our wood pellets are available in convenient 40-pound bags and purchased by the ton. For additional savings to our customers, we offer an early buy program on wood pellets. PLEASE CALL for more details.

Pellets Are Pellets, Right?

Sure. And a car is just a car, right? Of course not! There are varying levels of quality and performance in all things, and wood pellet fuel is no exception. Just as you wouldn’t run cheap fuel in your high-performance car, you don’t run cheap fuel in your high-performance stove or fireplace. 

  • Hardwood Pellets burn longer nd generate more BTUs
  • Highly efficient leaving less than 1% ash content
  • Trusted brands
  • No additives
  • Renewable energy source
  • Available in convenient 40-pound bags
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clean burning anthracite coal

Anthracite Coal

Anthracite coal is a cost-effective, clean-burning, and convenient heating fuel. We carry Blaschak coal, which is locally sourced in Pennsylvania and environmentally friendly. Anthracite coal is a clean, smokeless fuel that burns slowly, producing more heat for less cost. We carry both nut coal and rice coal here at Martin’s Sales and Service. Our coal is available in convenient 40-pound bags and can also be purchased by the ton for convenient transportation.

No More Dusty Coal For Me

Anthracite coal sourced right here in Pennsylvania is a clean-burning energy-efficient heat source. So if you have visions of black dust everywhere, you can rest easy. The benefits of Anthracite coal are:

  • Cost-effective
  • Clean-burning
  • Locally sourced in PA
  • Smokeless
  • Slow burn with more heat
  • Available in convenient 40-pound bags

The Martin's Sales & Service Advantage

Our story spans over 40 years and multiple generations. And our mission has never been to be just another fireplace, patio, and grill store. We believe that for a family run business to be around this long and continue to grow, we must be doing something right. Three guiding principles are the key to success; sell quality products at a reasonable price, and service your customer well.

Living Up To Our Principles

We prove that by focusing on USA or Canadian made products built to high standards. Being a family-run business with lower overhead helps keep prices reasonable, providing exceptional value to our customers. Our technicians are factory trained and provide expert installation and service. Yes, we service the products we sell. Our customer service earned us the Top Platinum Harman Dealer in Western PA. We have also won the "Readers Choice Award" voted on by our local county residents as the "Best Fireplace Store" 10 years in a row. But don't just take our word for it, our suggestion is to stop in and experience it for yourself.


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