Heating Stoves

Want to supplement your primary heat source or lower your monthly heating bill? Perhaps you just love a cozy fire? Today, stoves come in multiple styles, including: traditional, rustic, and even modern, along with various fuel options. No matter your reasons, or preference, stop in and see us, we have a stove to fit you.

To Chimney Or To Not Chimney? That Is The Question.

We offer multiple solutions in cases where there is not already a masonry chimney in your home. For one, a wood pellet or gas stove does not require a chimney. These stoves can easily be vented through and terminated outside of an exterior wall of your home. Second, a wood stove can be vented through your roof or out an external wall and up the side of your home. Let us walk you through the best way to make that decision. Our factory-trained technicians will put their experience and know-how to work for you.

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Wood Burning

For some, nothing compares to the crackle and warmth of a wood fire. The good news is modern woodburning units are safer, more efficient, and available in more styles than an old masonry unit.

Is Wood Burning Best?

Wood-burning stoves have evolved with technology, a prime example is their efficiency. Older wood stoves are less efficient, meaning much of the heat went up the chimney. New wood-burning units are much more efficient than earlier models. There are other advantages, as well:

  • Very warm comfortable heat
  • Many burn up to 15+ hours on only one load
  • No electric needed
  • A free heat source for those with wooded properties

Wood Pellet

For those who want the characteristics of a wood fire in a more convenient package, a wood pellet unit may be the best option. These easy to operate units are thermostat controlled and efficient.

Why Wood Pellet?

Wood pellets have grown in popularity as they are a cost-effective, clean, heat source. Wood pellet stoves are efficient and provide features of a wood fire without all the labor. The advantages are:

  • Efficient up to 87%
  • Convenient, easy storage of fuel
  • Can run on a built-in thermostat
  • Less labor and mess than wood
  • Cost-effective fuel alternative
  • Can be vented through an external wall or chimney
  • A local renewable energy source
  • No ash cleanup

Natural Gas/Propane

Gas units bring tremendous versatility and are energy-efficient units. And let’s face it, when was the last time you had to haul and stack gas? If you’re not set on a wood fire, this may be the best fit for you.

Is Gas More Efficient?

If convenience and efficiency are high on your list of priorities, it’s tough to beat a gas stove. With multiple styles and sizes to choose from, you’re sure to find a unit you love. These units have tons of features, such as lighting, with the touch of a button. Some of the advantages of a gas stove are:

  • Ultra clean-burning
  • No electric needed to operate
  • Remote control with a built-in thermostat
  • Very high efficiency
  • No chimney required can is vented through an external wall


Electric units work great for someone who wants the ambiance of a fireplace when wood or gas is not an option. These units are an excellent option for those with allergies as well.

An Electric Fire?

When you want the ambiance of a fireplace, and an actual flame is not an option, try electric. The beauty of an electric fireplace is it can be installed almost anywhere in your home. Are you renting? No worries, you can have your fireplace and take it with you when you move. Some reasons electric may be an option for you are:

  • Unlimited installation options
  • Inexpensive compared to other units
  • Can insert into an unusable fireplace
  • Can be used as ambiance without heat
  • Glass remains cool – child safe
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Safe alternative to vent-free gas

Coal Burning

Do you like toasty? Then try out a new coal-burning stove. These are not the coal stoves of 30 years ago. New coal stoves are highly efficient heat sources with extended burn times.

What is Clean Coal?

Anthracite coal is very clean burning when compared to bituminous, and it provides long burn times. Today’s coal-burning units are more efficient than ever and are simple to use. If you ask us, using a centuries-old heat source has its advantages, such as:

  • On average delivers 13,000 BTU’s per pound
  • Can be stored outdoors
  • Comes in 40lb bags
  • No electric needed
  • Cost-effective fuel source

We Have More Stoves Than You Know What to Do With

You just tell us what you want, and we’ll make it happen for you

Regarding a stove, that is. Stoves, whether wood, coal, wood pellet, or gas, are versatile and efficient. Today’s stoves can burn for many hours on one load of wood. Wood or coal-burning furnaces, depending on the size, can heat an entire home or building. The point is, if you are in the market for a stove, no matter what application, we most likely have a solution for you. Visit our showroom in Butler, and you will find the largest selection of quality stoves in the area. Along with the most experienced staff to serve you.

The Martin Sales & Service Advantage

Our story spans over 40 years and multiple generations. Our mission has never been to be just another fireplace, patio, and grill store. We believe that for a family-run business to be around this long and continue to grow, we must be doing something right. We stand behind three guiding principles which we believe are the key to success: sell quality products, that are reasonably priced, and service your customers well.

Living Up To Our Principles

We prove those principles by focusing on USA or Canadian-made products built to high standards. Being a family-run business with lower overhead helps keep prices reasonable, while still providing exceptional value to our customers. Our technicians are factory trained and provide expert installation and service. Yes, we service the products we sell.

Our customer service earned us the Top Platinum Harman Dealer in Western PA. In addition, we received Kozy Heat's "Premier Dealer" award for the last several years in a row. We have also won the "Readers Choice Award" voted on by our local county residents as the "Best Fireplace Store" 13 years in a row. But don't just take our word for it- our suggestion is to stop in and experience it for yourself!

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Premium Fuels

Not all fuel sources are created equal, and not all products are the same. Although there are many choices of pellets or coal, they don’t all produce the same amount of BTUs. The translation, you spent your hard-earned money to buy an efficient stove, don’t kill the efficiency by burning low-quality fuel. For example, wood pellets get produced from many different variations of wood, which can lead to heavy ash that requires more cleaning, and frequent stove breakdowns. We sell only high-quality fuels that will maximize the output of your new stove. Both hardwood pellet fuel and smokeless anthracite coal are packaged in easy to manage 40-pound bags. In a nutshell, we are particular regarding the fuel we sell to our customers. Rest assured, any fuel we provide ensures you maintain a highly efficient, clean-burning, and dependable stove. For additional savings, watch for our early-season discounts on bulk fuel.

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