BBQ Grills

People have been grilling for as long as there has been a fire. The main reason being - taste! In the 1950s, the backyard barbeque and portable bbq grills became the rage, and it hasn’t slowed down since. At Martin’s, we are as passionate about grilling as you are, which is why we sell only high-quality grills that give you an even, professional cooking experience and last for up to 20 years or more.

What’s The Best Grill Choice for Me?

If you’re the type of person that gets hungry just reading the word “barbeque,” you’re in the right place. Nothing gives people a reason to get together the way delicious food does. Anyone from a serious griller to someone looking for a tasty new hobby can come to Martin’s and find a great grill at a reasonable price.

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Lump Charcoal Kamado

For those who crave the wood-fired taste, a kamado-style ceramic grill could be your dream grill. By using natural lump charcoal, there is no need for chemicals or lighter fluids. And, if you’re not thrilled with the wait time of a typical charcoal grill, don’t worry. These babies are ready to cook in as little as eight minutes.

Why a Kamado Grill?

Kamado is a Japanese word for stove or cooking. The term also described the clay vessels used to model the “egg-shaped” grill. These modern grills use ceramic to retain heat and moisture and are incredibly versatile.

  • Reach 350 degrees in 8 minutes
  • You can cook, smoke, bake, or sear with one grill.
  • Used as a pizza oven can reach 750 degrees
  • No electric needed
  • No waste. Charcoal can be extinguished and reused.
  • Available in multiple sizes from Primo, and Big Green Egg

Propane/Natural Gas Grills

Nothing gets you more excited about grilling than shiny stainless-steel. A high-quality gas grill is versatile, easy to use, and a thing of beauty. With today’s units, you can cook with a flame or infra-red, and smoke, sear or bake. Add a charcoal tray, and you can cook with gas on one side and charcoal on the other.

Why Gas/Propane?

If you’re tired of replacing your big-box store grill every couple of years, it’s time to look at a top-quality unit. These 304 stainless steel constructed grills will not rust. The racks and burners are also made from stainless and will not rust out. Our bbq grills provide quick, consistent heat making it easy for you to get the quality of food you want, every time. Options can include;

  • Push-button ignition
  • Infrared sear station
  • Rotisserie with infrared burner
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Cart or built-in models
  • Propane or natural gas
  • American or Canadian made

Wood Pellet Grills

If you crave the versatility of high heat along with low heat smoking capability, a wood pellet grill may be right for you. You can add the flavorful hint of smoke to your food with an easy to use pellet grill. Wood pellets are a local renewable fuel and come in numerous wood flavors. You get the benefit of wood flavor with precise temperature control.

Why Wood Pellet Grills?

Wood pellets have grown in popularity as they are a cost-effective heat source. Wood pellet fireplaces give you the efficiency and convenience of a pellet stove in a fireplace application. These grills are great for the person who needs to be able to set it and walk away. The advantages are:

  • Smoke with low heat for wood smoke flavor
  • Convenient, easy storage of fuel
  • Built-in temperature gauge and meat thermometer
  • Works like a convection oven for even heat
  • Cost-effective fuel alternative
  • A local renewable energy source
  • Digital display to set temperature, time, and walk away

For The Love Of All That Is Tasty, Just Grill Baby!

We’ve Researched Grill Manufacturers to Bring You The Best Values On The Market

Are you tired of replacing your grill, or it’s burners every couple of years? Or, finding out your big box store no longer carries the parts? Did your budget grill cook evenly after the first year, or in the beginning? If you genuinely love grilling, then why not invest in a high-quality grill. Many grills today offer lifetime warranties against rust. The burners and cooking surfaces of these grills are built to last many years. But, perhaps the most crucial advantage is the consistent quality of the cooking.

Designed to be consistent and precise – a quality grill gives you a professional cooking experience, whether you’re in year one or year ten. With accessories, your cooking options are endless. So do you want another big box store barbeque, made who knows where like the one you bought three years ago? Or, do you want to invest in a grill you will love for the next 20 years. Come in and see us.

The Martin Sales & Service Advantage

Our story spans over 40 years and multiple generations. Our mission has never been to be just another fireplace, patio, and grill store. We believe that for a family-run business to be around this long and continue to grow, we must be doing something right. We stand behind three guiding principles which we believe are the key to success: sell quality products, that are reasonably priced, and service your customers well.

Living Up To Our Principles

We prove those principles by focusing on USA or Canadian-made products built to high standards. Being a family-run business with lower overhead helps keep prices reasonable, while still providing exceptional value to our customers. Our technicians are factory trained and provide expert installation and service. Yes, we service the products we sell.

Our customer service earned us the Top Platinum Harman Dealer in Western PA. In addition, we received Kozy Heat's "Premier Dealer" award for the last several years in a row. We have also won the "Readers Choice Award" voted on by our local county residents as the "Best Fireplace Store" 13 years in a row. But don't just take our word for it- our suggestion is to stop in and experience it for yourself!

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Grilling Accessories

No BBQ chef’s toolkit is complete without a few accessories to make grilling all the more efficient and convenient. Whether it’s an instant-read thermometer, durable tongs, spatulas, or grill covers, we’ve got everything you’ll need to make cooking a breeze. If you want to experiment with rubs and seasonings, we’ve got you covered. Take a look at our selection of grilling accessories to find high-quality, indispensable tools and seasonings that you’ll want to add to your cooking arsenal.

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