Rhino Rigid Liners

There Is No Contest

rhino rigid liners

Just think about it: Compare an old-fashioned lock form pipe or the spot-welded overlapped pipe, to the state-of-the-art, air and watertight butt-welded seam. There is just no contest.
With the butt-weld, you have an air and watertight seal to protect your customer from dangerous fumes and creosote leakage. And the benefits don’t stop with your customer, this pipe is easier for the installer to work with.

Why? The butt-weld does not distort the pipe, so the Rhino is perfectly round, with male to female ends that tightly fit together for a sealed, hassle free connection. Lock form, or lap welded pipe never fits together without the seam causing a leaky gap. (It is no wonder that lock form pipe is illegal in Europe!) The Rhino is light years ahead of the rest.

Best Selection In the Industry
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Rhino Rigid comes in two grades of metal, both in 24 guage:

304 – used exclusively for wood
316 – used for coal, wood, gas or oil

Highest Quality Materials
Every pipe of Rhino Rigid™ liners is manufactured

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