Kozy Heat Birchwood 20 Gas Stove

Direct Vent Gas Freestanding Stove.

kozy heat birchwood gas fireplace
Additional Information

The Kozy Heat Birchwood 20 Free-standing gas stove offers exceptional versatility.
Our free-standing gas stoves do not require a chimney as they are direct vent. A direct vent model can connect to the exterior of your home through venting, allowing outside air to circulate the firebox. No chimney requirement opens up a wealth of location options. Even homes that not constructed to accommodate a gas appliance are often suitable for the installation of a free-standing gas fireplace.

Low on Fuel, High on Output

Certified at 69.44% efficiency for natural gas and 65.16% for LP gas and a 32,500 BTU/hr input, the Birchwood 20 offers impressive performance. When considered the impressive good looks, performance, and limited lifetime warranty, this gas stove is an exceptional value.

Range of Engaging Features on Our Free Standing Gas Stoves

In addition to performance, the Birchwood 20 also has traditional legs and an engaging screen front. Several control methods are available with this model, including a touch screen, portable thermostat control, a wireless wall switch, and a wireless or mounted thermostat control. The screen, refractory, and base can all be customized to give a range of different styles.

Our Free Standing Gas Stoves Are Always Good Value-for-Money

The gas stoves we offer are all manufactured to an extremely high standard, using a combination of advanced technology, premium materials, and energy-efficient performance.


Kozy Heat


Contemporary Legs, Pedestal

Fuel Type



Cast Iron

Unit Type

Free Standing

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