Hitzer Energy Master I Stove

A Powerful and Versatile Coal Stoker

hitzer 608 energy master 1 stoker stove
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The Hitzer Energy Master I Stoker is one of the most efficient and technologically advanced stoves on the market today. With an intuitive design and new technology, the Hitzer 608 Stoker is a customer's top choice stove. As an HPBA Vesta Award Finalist, the 608 Stoker is capable of exceeding your expectations and needs. You will be amazed by the overall capabilities of such an efficient easy to operate stove. By the astounding Coal-trol design system, it has incredible functions that allow you with complete control of your fire. Having a digital thermostat, this enables push-button control of your stove that requires no labor involved.
Combining the technology of the Coal-trol with the intuition of the Stoker, the stove will maintain the exact temperature of your Coal-trol setting. The 608 has the capability of producing as little as 7,000 BTU's or up to 90,000 BTU's of consistent heat. By having a 320 CFM blower, you will be sure to feel the warmth of such an incredible stove throughout your home. There are so many features that this astonishing stoker provides.
One of the most convenient features available for this stove is the ability to be operated with a power vent. By having the 608 Stoker compatible with the power vent system, the unit doesn't require a chimney. Other added features of the 608 Energy Master I Stoker include a large fire view window to enjoy the glow of your fire. The 608 also includes a 90-pound hopper and large ash tray, allowing long extended burn times before disposal. Be utterly amazed by the simple operating technology and efficiency found in the Hitzer 608 Energy Master I Stoker. This stove is sure to make warm and happy friends.



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Cast Iron

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Free Standing

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