Hearthstone Heirloom Tudor Gas Stove
Hearthstone Heirloom Tudor Gas Stove

The Tudor stoves are HearthStone’s smallest, most versatile gas stoves ever.

Hearthstone Heirloom Tudor Gas Stove

The Tudor stoves are HearthStone’s smallest, most versatile gas stoves ever. Each stove in the collection is a beautiful piece of furniture that will enrich any room in your home – bedroom, porch, bathroom, foyer, kitchen, or den. The Tudor’s large double doors open fully to the side to allow you to enjoy the fire through the large, vertical window. You may choose to leave the doors closed to warm without light from the fire. The Tudor can be installed directly on a wood floor, carpeting, or vinyl tile. The Tudor vents directly through an outside wall, or vertically through a roof, and has a very small footprint. It’s the perfect little stove. Available in several cast iron and stone colors. Available in several stone and cast iron colors.

Compact cabinet

Requires little floor space; heat outputs fits smaller home areas.

Large fire viewing area; realistic logs and flame picture

A perfect focal point for relaxation and enjoyment.

Adjustable heat output

All the pleasure of fire viewing ambiance, even when little room heat is required.

Certified room heat with double heat exchange system

Increased stove efficiency; less heat lost up the chimney means more usable heat for less money.

Millivolt ignition system

Stove can operate without electricity; excellent source of heat during power outages.

Wall thermostat

Thermostat turns stove on and off; maintains the space at preset comfort level; desired heat is maintained automatically. Optional programmable thermostat is also available.

No hearth required

Stove can be installed directly on a floor (with, or without legs), and directly against the wall, so little floor space is required; installation costs are less.

Custom panel option

Choose your own custom tiles. Requires 16 – 6” x 6” tiles, and a special installation kit.

Remote controls (optional)

Simple "on/off" and thermostatic remote controls allow the fire to be controlled from across the room.

Sealed firebox/ Direct-Vent technology

Air for combustion is drawn from outside the home, reducing cold air drafts; greater efficiency due to not using heated room air for combustion.

Through the roof venting option

Stove can be installed in an interior location with the vent pipe terminating above the roof. Stove can also be installed through an existing fireplace or Class A chimney using special adapters; great option if replacing a woodstove.

Other details

Unit type
Free standing
Cast Iron
Fuel type
call for price

- BTU: 7000-12000
- Heating Capacity: 600 SQ. FT.
- Efficiency: 70% - 82%
- Weight: 130 LBS.
- Flue Size: 4" x 6 5/8"
- Dimensions: 35" H x 16"W x 11" D
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